About MAXfocus

Who we are and what we do

MAXfocus is the most successful Managed Service Provider (MSP) platform in the world with over 12,000 monthly subscription customers in more than 100 countries that continues to add hundreds of new MSP’s each and every month.

Its success is born from not just offering comprehensive, class-leading software that’s easy to use, fast to install and low effort to maintain, the value that MAXfocus delivers goes well beyond the software itself. It provides a vibrant and highly collegiate community of more than 12,000 MSPs to share ideas, joint problem solve issues and often collaborate to help each other’s businesses grow.

MAXfocus also offers a huge range of business assets to help MSP’s position and market their services, demand generation material to drive leads for their business and sales ideas to help them close those deals.

MAXfocus offers the complete package of software, support, community sharing and demand generation tools to help MSP’s grow their business.

MAXfocus is part of the LogicNow product portfolio.