Continuous Recovery

Always on - and always up to date

Continuous Recovery

Be ready for any disaster with continuous recovery. At the pinnacle of the recovery hierarchy, above backups and even disaster recovery, is Continuous Recovery – the ability to recover a system at any point.  It provides the building blocks of the perfect continuity plan for customers that simply can’t afford to be out of business for any length of time – and that’s pretty much every business.

Every customer needs Continuous Recovery

With a Continuous Recovery service, you can promise your clients a ready-to-go virtual server that’s on standby and waiting to be put in place should the need arise. And if the time ever does come, it’s as simple as disconnecting one server and connecting up another.

Continuous Recovery features

Unparalleled Delta tracking

To keep a system continuously up-to-date, you need powerful tracking of the even the smallest of changes. MAX Backup’s True Delta technology tracks changes at the block level, creating very small yet very fast backups to restore.

Continual automatic updates

Because you can’t continuously update a running server, MAX Backup automatically updates the standby server via a restore after each backup of the live server completes.

Minimal impact

Backups of the live server and restores to the standby virtual machine (VM) take up negligible resources on either system, minimizing impact on your customer’s production environment.

Flexible virtual support

Continuous Recovery works on both VMware ESX and Hyper-V platforms, so your customers can continue to utilize the virtualization investment already made.

Physical or virtual

Servers utilizing Continuous Recovery don’t just need to be physical. Both physical and virtual machines can be on standby, creating the fastest virtual recovery possible.

Centralized recovery monitoring

All backup and restore activities are managed and monitored in MAX Backup’s web-based console, giving you complete visibility into the status of your continuous recovery efforts - without needing to be onsite.