Onsite & Offsite Recovery

Comprehensive data protection … no matter the disaster

Onsite & Offsite Recovery

Get onsite & offsite recovery in one backup solution. Traditional onsite recovery solutions only work onsite, and cloud-based recovery solutions only work when you have an Internet connection. So, it’s easy to envision a crash, corruption, loss or disaster when one or the other fails. MAX Backup takes a hybrid-cloud approach to deliver both onsite and offsite-based recovery in a single solution to provide maximum recoverability, fast restores and most importantly, business continuity.

Backup Features

Comprehensive backup coverage

MAX Backup supports one of the widest ranges of operating systems, platforms and applications today, empowering you to protect your customer’s critical systems and data easily and effectively.

Granular data protection

Backup exactly what’s important to your customer - files, folders, volumes, enterprise applications, an entire OS and anything in between. With MAX Backup, selecting an enterprise application to be backed up - for example Exchange - is as easy as selecting a single file.

Local backup storage

In addition to cloud-based backups, MAX Backup can utilize an onsite Storage Area Network (SAN) or storage medium as a Local Speed Vault (LSV), automatically storing local onsite copies of your backups and increasing redundancy and availability.

Hybrid-cloud approach

Backups are saved to the cloud and, optionally, to local storage - giving you instant backup redundancy.

Centralized monitoring and reporting

Manage your backups centrally from the cloud where you can monitor and be alerted to the state of your backups, storage use, data backed up and the success/failure of each job.

Recovery Features

Easy, automated recovery

There’s no need to perform multiple steps to recover the OS, applications or data. MAX Backup intelligently recovers the selected data set, restoring your customers back to before things went wrong.

Cloud-based recovery

MAX Backup’s data centers, with their 99.999% uptime, provide an always-on recovery source. Recovery from the cloud gives your customer the ability to recover systems, applications and data anytime, anywhere.

Hybrid recovery

MAX Backup’s hybrid-cloud recovery approach brings peace of mind knowing you always have a recovery option, even in the worst disaster you can imagine.

Fastest recovery possible

When a recovery is started, the source (either local or cloud storage) will automatically provide the quickest recovery. With MAX Backup’s impressive compression and deduplication technologies, it’s not always the local storage that is the fastest!

Web-based recovery management

Whether recovery is accomplished using onsite or offsite storage, management of the entire process is done within MAX Backup’s unified web-based console from the comfort of your client’s office, your office, or anywhere you have a connection.