Success stories

Getting the best out of MAX Backup

Switching to MAX Backup

Dan Engbers from Proactive Backups in Calgary is a former Vembu customer, who tells of his experience switching to MAX Backup. 



Cirrus Communications awards MAX Backup a gold star!

Every IT Company has the one customer that is not only hard to sell anything to, but is also the most demanding. Even more so when their server has an issue. 



Differentiating Your IT Services with Backup

A couple of years ago, Jason Etheridge felt his company needed a mission statement. As president of IT services provider Logic Speak in Roswell, Georgia, Etheridge wanted to come up with a phrase that would succinctly capture the purpose of Logic Speak. 



MAX Backup - providing high-level, cost-effective security

As founder and owner of Syfer Networks in Dallas, Sonny Williams prides himself on doing his homework. Two years ago, Williams decided to shift Syfer's focus from being a more traditional IT services company into a managed service provider. 



MAX Backup increases productivity at ‘Work IT Solutions’

As president of SaaS provider Work IT Solutions , Jason Marrow has a unique view about the software he utilizes to provide service to clients. "I've written my own homegrown stuff," Marrow recalls. 



MAX Backup saves time and money for IT Logic

What were the main issues that prompted your company to implement a technology solution?

“Issues with offsite backups using other technology.”



Onsite Computer Deploys MAX Backup to Protect Customer Data

Onsite Computer is using MAX Backup to provide secure data backup services for its customers and has already had success in educating companies on the benefits of cloud-based backup, which include cost savings, efficiency and security.