Cirrus Communications awards MAX Backup a gold star!

“Every IT Company has the one customer that is not only hard to sell anything to, but is also the most demanding. Even more so when their server has an issue. We support a small 15 person law firm in our area that has a single server in which all of their legal programs, email and file sharing is maintained. We began supporting this client about four years ago after they had been through a string of IT providers that were more worried about making a sale, than they were about putting the right tools in the hands of the client. This server is the type that will make any system administrator cringe. A SBS 2008 server, low hard drive space, 10 different backup programs and antivirus programs installed, bad USB ports on the unit, and much more. We inherited this mess, and the client wanted us to make it work, and not replace it.


Earlier this year, in addition to our MAX Remote Management that we had been running for some time, we brought on the MAX Mail Protection, and more recently the MAX Backup. We brought on the two solutions for the following reasons:


  • MAX MailProtection – A competitive anti-spam solution device was becoming more inefficient to operate, and its options were limited. We needed something that we could still offer at a reasonable price, and still a great and effective product.

  • MAX Backup – We had a competitive remote backup solution for years and it was becoming outdated and unable to perform with the new server versions and software. We also needed a product to fill the gap where our Medical and Legal clients could get secure highly encrypted backups. Last but not least, we needed to provide a product for backup for our clients that would not go on our remote management utility.


Both of the above products played a critical role in this client’s recent server event. A couple of months ago we went in and was able to sell this client the Mail Protection and the MAX Backup. It took us a while since they refused to go with the RMM solution. This server presented several issues with backups.

  • It could not backup to an external hard drive due to the USB ports on the unit being out

  • The windows backup integrated into 2008 would not work

  • Windows update will not work on the unit.

  • The client did not want a NAS/ISCSI unit

  • Due to exchange integration of their legal software they could not change to Hosted Exchange without a major overhaul.


We had sold them on the fact that with this new backup solution they could now backup their exchange accounts, as before they could only do files. So we deployed the MAX Backup to backup files and folders, Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft SQL. We had them running on the solution for about a month when some severe storms rolled in on the area. On a Thursday night from 1AM to 10AM they lost power 4 consecutive times. The server took some time to reboot and with limited staff in the office they did not realize they were not getting any email until 1:30 PM. We got the call and immediately began to investigate. Any Exchange administrator knows that power outages in which an exchange server goes down without the IS having time to load the logs properly knows what’s coming. Just as we suspected the main edb database was dismounted and would not mount due to missing transaction logs. The classic Microsoft Answer for this is “restore from backup”. This was our first time doing an exchange restore with MAX Backup and I was very nervous, if this did not work this client would drop us as an IT Company as we had them sold on this product. I sold it because I knew the reliability of the MAX products, and that if MAX said it could do it, it could work.


We followed the instructions to the letter, we downloaded the exchange backup from the night prior, and it was 29GB total so it took around 20 hours to download. This was due to the clients network speed. Once it was downloaded and we took the next steps we had the database mounted and exchange operational within 1 hour. Total billable time was only 5.5 hours. This client was also using the Mail Protection as well. So it was able to store their messages without any client knowing “they were down” and they were able to monitor their email and respond if needed from the web portal.


The MAX Suite for MSPs is a great product line, and behind it a knowledgeable sales and support team. We have a great team of reps that we are in constant contact with, and in this case our direct rep. with the MAX Backup, Jeff Hardee did a great job in assuring us that this product would work for what we wanted it to do for our clients. In one year of using MAX products we have seen an increase in revenue as well as reduced client issues. We manage over 650 end devices with RMM and having added over 5 new companies in 4 months to the MAX Mail Protection, and 3 Clients to the MAX Backup since we brought it on just a few months ago. We also utilize the Autotask suite for our ticketing and CRM systems for the integration with RMM.

We look forward to the new products and features coming from MAX and a long term partnership.”


Trevor Ward, Chief Operating Officer, Cirrus Communications