Help to keep your customers' business afloat in a crisis

Backup is big business right now. Strong recurring revenues, existing customer retention and the opportunity to attract new customers means that Backup is an attractive prospect to the MSP. And for your customers, increasing amounts of business data means that a lot depends on making sure that data is protected. That's where you come in.

Reduce the potential for data loss with the MAX Focus platform – in less than 10 minutes.

Any business knows just how damaging a security breach could be. The good news? MAX Focus enables you to offer a robust security service, one that minimizes the possibility of a security breach, avoids data loss and mitigates impact should a problem occur.


Via a single pane of glass, extend your reach into the mobile boom

The world's gone mobile. Yet despite its benefits, working in this way can be a major security issue for employers if adequate device management isn't in place. So monetize the mobile boom and provide the comprehensive service your customers expect with the Managed Mobile package.


Save customers' time and money around mail management

Email is a critical communications tool. Downtime means a loss of productivity, possible compliance and regulatory issues related to data loss, and even lost revenues - so minimizing this risk is an increasingly important part of a company’s messaging infrastructure and of its disaster prevention and recovery strategy. A Managed Email service helps mitigate these problems by providing robust, reliable and scalable solutions that enable your customers' to enjoy the advantages of a fully-functioning, secure and protected email system.

How we help you make the most of the opportunity

Powerful software

Powerful software

Combine the power of MAX RemoteManagement, Backup, MailProtection and MailArchive to protect your customers’ systems, minmize data loss and keep their business running. 

Sales & marketing support

Sales & marketing support

We don’t just offer you software and walk away. Leverage the power of our FREE to use Building Blocks materials -  including  how to guides, sample banners and brochures.

Education programme

Education programme

Grow your business with our  series of educational materials including webinars on a range of business and technical topics, sales playbooks and white papers.

MAX community

MAX community

At MAX you can tap into the power of our community of over 11,000 MSPs – all sharing ideas and sights on and offline. In our LinkedIn Group, at our global conference series and forums

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