Inside track

What HIPAA means for you and your business


HIPAA. You may recognize these letters. You may even know what they stand for, but either way  you're almost certainly concerned – confused even - about what it means for your MSP business.

The bottom line? If you’re an MSP or IT Support company working with the data of US-based healthcare clients, it’s your business that shoulders the responsibility for ensuring that their data is secure, protected and available when needed.

What you need to do

MAXfocus has produced a 'HIPAA Readiness' pack to help take the pain and worry out of HIPAA including:




Yes - our Backup, Remote Monitoring and Mail solutions lay the foundations that enable you to provide that security, protection and availability - but it’s up to you to demonstrate HIPAA compliance to your customers, and furthermore, it’s law.

Still not convinced? There’s a high cost of HIPAA violations - security breaches have increased over 32% over the past year in healthcare organizations costing an estimated 6.5 billion dollars annually - getting caught out is not an option.