Differentiating Your IT Services with Backup

A couple of years ago, Jason Etheridge felt his company needed a mission statement. As president of IT services provider Logic Speak in Roswell, Georgia, Etheridge wanted to come up with a phrase that would succinctly capture the purpose of Logic Speak. He promptly devised the following motto which is displayed prominently in the company's office: To use our abilities and technology to have a positive impact on the lives of our clients and our employees.

 As Etheridge sees it, Logic Speak's partnership with MAX enables his company to fulfill this mission. Initially, Logic Speak used MAX Remote Management RMM tool for internal monitoring. That worked fine when Logic Speak was in the traditional IT business of providing, supporting, maintaining and replacing local servers. With the advent of the cloud services model, Logic Speak adopted MAX RemoteManagement as a platform for monitoring all the devices under management. 

 Currently, Logic Speak relies on MAX products to "provide a complete ecosystem of cloud products," Etheridge says. In addition to the RMM tool, the company utilizes MailEssentials and MAX Backup. Taken together, the MAX products enable Logic Speak to be proactive with clients. "We know about a problem before our clients do so we call them up and let them know," says Etheridge. "This differentiates us from the big providers that can't be responsive to companies with 10-to-350 employees."

 Etheridge cites the scalability of MAX's products as one of the major advantages of partnering with the vendor. "We can't compete with the large providers of cloud services, but we can provide MAX products and brand them as our own." By positioning Logic Speak as an "outsourced CIO" with the knowledge and expertise to offer the best cloud services, Etheridge says his company is poised to capitalize on the shift to the cloud." As we have matured as a company, managed services make up 70% of our revenue, with cloud hosting comprising about 35% of that," he explains. "As the industry is changing and our role is changing, we expect the cloud portion of our business to grow." And with that growth, Etheridge expects higher profits. "Margins are higher with cloud services," he says, because MAX invests millions of dollars in its data centers while his clients pay only for what they use." With MAX Backup, we've reduced our internal costs significantly and we've been able to pass these savings on to customers."