Office 365

Seamless integration for an extra layer of protection

Office 365

Enhance your customer's Office 365 mailbox security and archive capabilities

Microsoft's Office 365 platform has quickly become the  email hosting solution of choice for many businesses, but despite its benefits, the security and archiving capabilities of the platform have their limitations  - and that's a potentially very big problem. The good news is that MAX Mail can merge seamlessly with Office 365 to provide the additional, robust layer of security and archiving capabilities so that you can offer a compelling Mail service proposition that 365 alone cannot. From the unique combination of technologies to defend against email-borne threats, to a secure, independent cloud-based archive, MAX Mail has thought of everything to keep your customers’ business - and your reputation - safe.

Advanced security capabilities with MAX Mail ...

Regardless of where your customers’ email is hosted, it is critical to provide adequate defense against security threats. And if they need a strong line of defense against email borne threats (and what business doesn't?) then believing that O365 is sufficient enough to protect against these threats could be a mistake. By complementing 365 with MAX Mail, your customers are guaranteed exceptional security capabilities that protect against real-time and emerging threats.

... with multi-layered security including

  • A powerful combination of virtualization-based technology, zero-hour malware detection, , and traditional signature-based antivirus engines to block emerging threats - with a guaranteed 100% detection rate

  • Protection from directory harvest attack and high-volume backscatter

  • Robust, highly accurate and adaptive spam detection

  • Built-in standards-based encryption to  keep email communications confidential

And round-the-clock Mail access

Your customers businesses depend on email, so if something goes wrong with the mail server, whether it' on-premise or in the cloud, it can cost - big time. For O365 customers, Continuity isn't an option.  By underpinning the Office 365 platform with the continuity that MAX Mail provides, however, you get to deliver reassurance in the form of an ultra-reliable, always-on continuity feature, one that means customers can continue to send and receive mail during an outage. The bottom line - business carries on as normal, no lost emails, no irrate customers, no costly recovery, no headaches. Find out more about MAX Mail’s continuity here.

Simple, trustworthy archiving

As an MSP, you'll know that mail archiving is critical for intellectual property preservation, compliance, and other purposes. An archive preserves important information, defends against mail alteration and deletion - and can help massively when it comes to litigation -- which nearly 90% of businesses will be involved in at some point. And while Office 365 does provide users with an archiving option, it's constrained. Search and retention functionality are limited; the  archive has a hard limit of  50GB for a mailbox; and removal of a user can have the impact of removing all the archived messages for that user.  By contrast, the MAX MailArchive service is fully independent from the Office 365 infrastructure, has no limits on storage, and is appropriate for customers who are serious about compliance and intellectual property preservation.

Availability - whenever it's needed, whatever is needed

That's where MAX MailArchive comes in - a robust, reliable archiving system that provides a secure, geographically distributed, cloud-based archive that sits independently from - and integrates seamlessly with - the Microsoft infrastructure.

  • Strict data jurisdiction policies

  • With super-secure encryption and tamperproof storage

  • Uses checksum technology to validate message integrity. define

  • Messages are fully indexed and searchable - including attachments ability to tag for rapid retrieval.

  • Self-management around message retention policies - with role-based access to archived messages if needed

The result? An archiving solution that ensures your O365 customers are covered - for any eventuality.