Stops junk mail in its tracks


Sophisticated spam detection

A core component of any email security solution is highly accurate spam detection. MAX MailProtection blocks spam in the cloud through a robust combination of methodologies for message analysis, including:

  • Authenticity Checks encompassing detailed header analysis, SMTP conversation details, message encoding and formatting, and other characteristics
  • Message Fingerprinting to compare email signatures to known spam messages
  • An extensive, continually updated Heuristic Rule Set

There's real-time message source analysis capabilities to assess whether an increased volume of mail flow is a legitimate high-volume mailing or the result of a spammer hijacking vulnerable systems.

  • Pattern Detection to detect emerging spam based on recurring patterns
  • Customizable whitelists and blacklists

The result? An extremely accurate system for detecting spam, backed by an industry-leading service level agreement that guarantees 99% spam detection and no more than 1 false positive for every 100,000 messages.