Threat defense

Stop threats before they reach the network

Threat defense

Most antivirus solutions are signature-based systems. This means that when a new virus emerges, antivirus software may only detect the threat if that virus matches an existing signature - or after the antivirus vendor has had time to develop and distribute an updated signature that recognizes the new virus. This creates a window of vulnerability that can endure for hours or even days, during which time your customers business is at risk.  

Robust security is essential to ward off these threats, including the use of multiple scanning engines with the appropriate technology to fight zero-day and even zero-hour attacks.


Sophisticated threat detection

MAX MailProtection offers your customers a unique, powerful combination of defenses including traditional signature-based virus engines, virtualization-based malware detection technology, and zero-hour pattern-based antivirus defense.  These technologies block email-borne malware – including fast-moving, emerging threats – faster than traditional signature-based systems and dramatically reduce risks for customers. MAX MailProtection’s robust malware defense is backed by an industry-leading, service level agreement that guarantees customers 100% detection of all email-borne malware.




Attachment Blocking

The most common malware attack vector is via email. To protect your network, MAX Mail allows you  to block inbound messages based on designated attachment types, in accordance with policies you control.   When combined with MAX MailProtection’s four anti-virus engines, the attachment blocking provides maximum protection against email-borne threats.