MAX Backup increases productivity at ‘Work IT Solutions’

As president of SaaS provider Work IT Solutions , Jason Marrow has a unique view about the software he utilizes to provide service to clients. "I've written my own homegrown stuff," Marrow recalls. When it comes to backup software, "if I had to write something myself from scratch, I would have done it this way."


Work IT Solutions has been a MAX partner for two years, and in that time has come to rely on the product to provide cloud-based backup services to a variety of clients. For clients, Marrow is particularly enamored with MAX Backup's ease of installation and the ability to meet backup windows. As a cloud-based product, there are no limitations regarding things such as operating systems or .Net frameworks on the client-end to hamper installation. To accommodate the ambitious backup timeframes of many of its clients, Marrow says MAX Backup is unparalleled. When it comes to efficiently backing up data, "scanning to see what has changed can take a lot of time," Marrow explains. "The scanning technology MAX uses is far superior to anything else."


In the two years since Work IT has been a MAX partner, Marrow has appreciated the constant upgrades and improvements the vendor has made to MAX Backup. "The company has done a good job with a linear approach of pushing out product updates and enhancements," Marrow says. Of particular note are the advancements around virtualization. "It is possible to take a physical box and recover the data to a virtual box," Marrow explains, and do so "even in those cases where the underlying hardware is dissimilar which is a huge feature."


Marrow also cites improvements in the way MAX Backup allows his employees to monitor and manage machines remotely via the cloud management portal. Indeed, Marrow says one of the most quantifiable benefits Work IT Solutions has experienced as a result of using MAX Backup is the gain in productivity. "Before I started using the software, I had someone whose only job was to check backups and call customers who had failures," he recalls. "Now our employees can go into the file management portal and see what backups have or have not been concluded and why." In bottom-line terms, this ability has been significant for the 8-employee company. "That employee is now available to do other things and has gone from 100% overhead to 100% billable."


Written by ChannelPro SMB