MAX Backup saves time and money for IT Logic

What were the main issues that prompted your company to implement a technology solution?

“Issues with offsite backups using other technology.”


Is this the first time that you have tried to address the above-mentioned problems? If NO, what were your previous efforts and why were they not successful?

“No – the software did not perform reliably or was too hard to support/maintain or costly.”


For how long have you been using MAX products?

“16 years.”


Why did you select MAX products?

“They work, easy to use and cost effective.”


Did you consider any alternatives? If YES, what were they and why did they not meet your requirements?

“Yes, mainly due to cost and ongoing maintenance was too hard.”


How have MAX products helped your company to address the following issues:


- From a management/compliance/legal perspective?



- From a technology perspective?



- From a financial perspective?



Can you give details about your experience with the implementation of MAX product/s? (E.g. ease-of-use, integration with existing systems, impact on network performance, etc.)

“MAX Backup is very easy to use.”


What results were seen following the implementation of the product/s? Were the results immediate?

“Yes it gave us peace of mind that the backups were happening quickly and reliably.”


Have you assigned any quantifiable benefits to the use of MAX products or services:

Has it been a cost-effective solution? How?

“Yes – saves us time and money.”


Has it saved you time in your operations’ efforts? How?

“Yes as we used to spend about 3hrs a day maintaining our previous remote backup solution.”


Has using MAX software raised any issues – legal, ethical or others?



Given your experience working with our products, is there any missing feature that you feel would further enhance the software for your particular needs?

“Yes – the ability to boot a virtual server in the cloud. Once you get that working then we are set to compete against the StorageCraft Cloud product.”