MAX Mail Excess Usage Fees

Excess Usage Fees (Annual and Multiyear Subscriptions)

In the event that Customer adds additional Mailboxes or services during its subscription period that exceed the number of Mailboxes or services for which it has purchased a license, excess usage fees will be charged for the additional Mailboxes or services. The excess usage fees for any additional Mailboxes or services will be invoiced after the additional Mailboxes or services have been added and Customer will be billed in arrears for any period Customer has added additional Mailboxes or services. For the avoidance of doubt: If Customer adds additional Mailboxes or services, it is not required to maintain those Mailboxes or services through the remainder of its subscription period. If Customer subsequently removes the added Mailboxes or services, it will no longer be billed excess usage fees for those specific Mailboxes or services. It is the Customer’s responsibility to monitor its Mailbox and service usage.