Onsite Computer Deploys MAX Backup to Protect Customer Data

Onsite Computer is using MAX Backup to provide secure data backup services for its customers and has already had success in educating companies on the benefits of cloud-based backup, which include cost savings, efficiency and security. Onsite was able to clearly demonstrate these benefits for customer C2C Environmental, when MAX Backup helped the company avoid a total loss of HR and financial data as a result of a malware infection.


Onsite Computer is a Texas-based managed services provider serving small and medium-sized businesses that continue to rely more and more on IT to support daily operations. The company is committed to aligning the services that they provide with the industry-specific needs of their customers, in order to ensure that they are seen as a one-stop shop for outsourced IT.  In researching the best backup solution to offer to their customers, the MSP was drawn to MAX Backup’s industry-leading technology, monthly, usage-based pricing as well as its comprehensive reporting capabilities. 


“No one wants to pay for something if they do not see the value of what they are getting in return. As a managed service provider, it’s our job to educate customers on the solutions that are right for them and to be capable of providing the services that they may not realize they need,” said Jeff Sneed, CEO at Onsite Computer. “We see ourselves as a partner for our customers rather than just a service provider. Our success depends on providing them with the absolute best tools to be successful.”


When Onsite Computer customer C2C Environmental was hesitant to adopt a cloud-based backup solution, the MSP started them on a free trial of MAX Backup in order to demonstrate its value. Less than a month later, the customer lost their HR and financial data to a CryptoLocker infection. C2C’s previous on-premise backup method would have required the painstaking process of recovering manually backed-up files and rebuilding the active directory to restore the network. With MAX Backup, Onsite was able to restore the customer’s data from a system state backup, minimizing the work needed to get C2C Environmental’s business operations up and running quickly. Based on the success of this recovery, C2C is now using MAX Backup for all of their disaster recovery needs.


 Onsite Computer has also realized a number of benefits since offering the service to its customers. The MSP is able to manage all customer backups from a single console, saving time and helping to proactively avoid being caught unaware about potential issues. Managing backup services from a single console also allows Onsite Computer to train new staff members more efficiently. MAX Backup’s fully customizable reporting features allow the MSP to regularly demonstrate the value they are providing to customers by confirming the state of their backup and giving them a snapshot of the work they are doing each day on their behalf.


 “With company data underlying almost every aspect of a  business’s daily operations, MSPs have a great opportunity to grow monthly revenues by providing a highly valuable and visible backup service that is not only reliable, but easy to manage,” said Alistair Forbes, general manager of the MAX business unit. “Data protection is all about recovery, rather than just the backup, and Onsite Computer has clearly demonstrated this in its work with C2C Environmental. By allowing customers to pay for only the storage they use, MAX MSPs are better positioned to educate their customers on the need to adopt a solid backup solution and avoid the losses associated with a long and involved data recovery process.”