Active Discovery

Find and manage devices on your networks before they become an issue.

Active Discovery

Active Discovery gives you as broad as possible a view of who and what is connected to any network for which you are responsible. As an MSP you will have done an inventory of what your clients have on their networks. However, over time, new devices will be added to these networks, some of which the clients themselves may not even be aware of. Active Discovery ensures that any new device on a network can be found, and can be properly managed before it becomes an issue.

From one single interface, Active Discovery allows you to:

• Monitor all of your clients’ networks and easily search for devices
• Discover and categorize the devices connected to each managed subnet and get details such as MAC address, IP, Operating System, Version and hostname
• See when devices come online and when they disconnect from the network
• Prevent exposure to unmanaged devices from compromising networks, and keep your customers more secure

And we’re adding more functionality all the time.

Provide your customers with peace of mind

Your customers are going to assume that their networks are fully under control. They are also going to assume that security protection is in place (even though they are possibly increasing exposure by allowing new devices to come in to the network).

Active Discovery provides them with an accurate inventory of the assets owned by the business and the status of them. Putting you firmly in control.

Helping you to grow your business

Active Discovery will help you spot new revenue opportunities on your networks. By automating the search and discovery of all devices on your networks, Active Discovery protects the devices you know about, and lets you bill for every new device you manage. By doing this it is not only designed to help you do your job better but also to help grow your business.