Automated maintenance

Problems solved – quickly and effortlessly

Automated maintenance

Automated maintenance with MAX is about making life easy – for you and your customers. From the brilliant single-pane of glass, you get 360 visibility of customer networks along with the ability to deploy patches and a ton of other automated tasks and custom scripts. 

  • Stay focused on your business
  • Grow monthly service contracts
  • Be more in control and fight less fires
  • Scale your business profitably
  • Spend less time on mundane routine tasks


Easy and comprehensive managed services scripts

  • Direct from the MAX RemoteManagement Dashboard
  • Stay "on the ball" without physically touching every computer
  • There’s no scripting language to learn
  • Manipulate any file and/or registry key
  • Ability to launch/close any application
  • Deploy any type of script and execute locally
  • Automated error and failure handling
  • Automatic OS detection

Via the web Dashboard, the tool provides visibility to networks while creating a flexible and secure solution for you to deploy software, patches and various other automated tasks and custom scripts. In turn, the systems will run more efficiently, resulting in overall improvements in end-user and organizational satisfaction levels and productivity.



Automated tasks

As you’d expect, there are certain pre-configured tasks in the set-up which can be applied to servers and workstations, both singularly and in groups. These are straight-forward, quick to configure and easy to track:

  • Antivirus - Malwarebytes; Sophos Definition Update
  • Application Control - Active Directory Users Query; Running Process
  • Clean-Up - Clean Temp Log Files; Clear Event Log; Defragmentation
  • Exchange - Large Mailboxes; Exchange Store Control - Exchange 2003; Exchange Store Control - Exchange 2007 (or later)
  • Virtualisation - VMware ESXi Virtual Machine Control
  • Windows - Reboot; Service Control

Custom scripts

With MAX, you can script, execute and track custom maintenance tasks. This becomes an awesomely powerful tool, helping you to grow your business by being able to meet individual customer needs.

The really great news is that we’re committed to ongoing work on extending the MAX scripts library – It’s a brilliant way for MAX customers to share scripts between themselves or submit them to us for testing and potential inclusion in the core product.