Streamline and simplify with easy PSA integration


You're in IT so you know how it feels to constantly juggle customer demands. Help Desk, Ticketing or PSA software can be a big help in making sure things run more efficiently. The good news is that with MAX RemoteManagement you can integrate various software tools to get the best of everything. 

  • Free up your time to seek out new business opportunities and build your revenues
  • Quickly see what’s going on with your client tickets and costs
  • Streamline and integrate processes and procedures so you can offer customers a more proficient service
  • Boost report capabilities and demonstrate to your clients how comprehensive your service really is

First, get going with MAX ServiceDesk

If you want to make sure your customers are getting the best support as soon as you’re set up and ready to go with MAX, the even better news is that ServiceDesk – our own helpdesk solution – comes integrated with your RemoteManagement tool. ServiceDesk is super-efficient, ultra-flexible and really easy to configure. In no time at all you’ll have streamlined customer service that you can deliver any time, anywhere.  You can find out more about ServiceDesk here.

And, MAX RemoteManagement has its own API.  If you can ‘code it’ in any system, you can integrate with us.  Using our API you can poll our system for information, or you can make changes. Very simple and incredibly flexible.

… we also provide quick, no-hassle integration with several key players in the PSA industry:

  • Autotask
  • ConnectWise
  • CommitCRM
  • AffinityLive

Being able to integrate with a PSA tool has a ton of business benefits – enabling you to develop new services, generate additional revenues and automate and optimize key business processes – making business, and life, a LOT more manageable.



So you can bring a level of control to your business

  • Gain a holistic view of your company's day-to-day workflow and results, then allocate resources accordingly
  • Leverage industry-standard processes to provide better service
  • Provide transparent support to your clients
  • Still only pay for parts of the system you use

What you need to know about PSA

With PSA Integration, tickets are automatically raised in the PSA using their own API rather than email alert.

Tickets can be created against a client or device and at the end of the outage, where the 24x7 or Daily Safety Check passes or the server reports as online, the PSA Ticket is updated or closed. Clearing checks can also be setup to update the PSA ticket.

Rather than manually replicating the Dashboard Clients and servers in the PSA system they can be automatically mapped to their account and product counterparts, although we have included a manual mapping option if required.

Other systems

The added advantage of working with MAX is that you can integrate with a range of leading PSA systems. We also integrate with leading backup and AV vendors so that you're alerted if any of these systems show problems. MAX RemoteManagement also has its own API so if you can ‘code it’ in any system, you can integrate with us.

Of course you might well have other ideas on how you’d like to use this information so we developed the Data Extraction API to allow you to access this data and use it however you wish - from putting it in a database to running your own reports to populating your customers’ asset database.