Be wherever your customers need you to be.


Remote access with Take Control and Remote Background Management helps you give customers a seamless, secure maintenance experience - wherever they are. One click allows quick and easy remote access to any server or workstation from your MAX RemoteManagement dashboard - as if you were sitting right in front of it.

  • Fast support - connect immediately, even through firewalls
  • Cut costs - provide faster support to more users without additional staff and travel expenses
  • Secure connect - highly secure connection, low impact on bandwidth
  • Reporting - generate remote access session reports
  • Attended or unattended - allowing you to work out of hours
  • Remedy issues quickly, easily and seamlessly - without interrupting end-users

 … at any time.  Even after their office has closed for the day.

Take Control = remote control, and lets you take advantage of 24/7 remote IT support so you don't need somebody there at the other end. Save your most important contacts in your computers and contacts list and connect within seconds.

For flawless support

Streamline your teams’ activities and provide a hassle-free support experience with the Remote Background Management (RBM) tool - a tool which enables you to work on client machines remotely to fix problems without interrupting the end-user.

Better still, combine it with Remote Command Line, Remote Process Control and Remote Service controls to make life even easier:

  • Manipulate the file system (move, copy and delete files)
  • Map network drives, edit the registry, install software
  • View running processes and the resources they’re using, kill non-responsive processes and add a process check to monitor problem processes
  • Start, stop and restart services
  • Change the start-up type of a particular service
  • Show service dependencies and add a Windows Service Check to monitor problem services

Since Take Control and Remote Background Management allow you to do more with less you can scale more effectively. You’ll be in a position to offer fixed monthly-cost contracts with all the vast benefits these bring - steadier cash flow, strong business relationships, more predictable business and less stress.