Say hello to uncomplicated, streamlined customer service


Take the pain-free option. Improve customer experience and enhance your operational processes across all areas with full support service management and delivery - anytime, anywhere. Give your customers the service they expect and the one you can now provide, all for an affordable cost. We can't tell you how valuable this service is - to you AND your customers.

  • No maintenance or admin overheads - we know you'd expect nothing less
  • Super-fast and super-easy to set up - installed within a few clicks, just like that
  • Works seamlessly across a huge range of sources - from the self-service knowledge area to Twitter messages to emails
  • The ideal platform for managing multiple systems for multiple clients

Simple, comprehensive, powerful support

ServiceDesk provides superior, comprehensive, real-time reporting on tickets so there’s no more forgetting who's working on what and for how long. And it's scalable so as your business needs change ServiceDesk changes with you. In other words it fits right in with your business, not the other way around. And of course it's all "own-brandable" .

  • Effectively manages tickets and response times and assigns tasks to the relevant team members
  • Allows implementation of a unique sub-domain during set-up - meaning a seamless experience for your customers via your existing website
  • Gives you a quick view on ticket queues, providing easy visibility of where tickets are in the lifecycle so you can see at a glance what's going on 

The ServiceDesk capabilities also mean it can track time spent on a ticket as well as enabling you to add notes to a ticket, log the minutes (or hours!) you're spending on it and mark time as billable (or not). Invaluable for costing purposes.

  • Enables seamless email intergration for creating new tickets, automated routing for responses and attachment handling,
  • Facility for Twitter integration means you can connect your existing Twitter account to ServiceDesk and review any Tweets sent to your account -  as well as being able to retweet and respond directly from ServiceDesk,
  • Provides a staff agent interface that enables easy visibility on all incoming tickets

There’s also a great Knowledge Base facility meaning customers can self-serve for solutions to problems without calling you. And because it's web-based, remote staff can access HelpDesk from their mobile device and continue providing awesome customer support on the move.

What it means for your business

MAX ServiceDesk is fully hosted and provides you with an amazingly comprehensive support portal that lets you do all these things you need to do to make first-class customer service a reality - no more worrying about lost business, no more lying awake thinking about support costs. Better still, because it's part of the RemoteManagment suite, you can auto-create tickets on device outages and alerts, import all your devices, sites and clients into the tool to minimize overheads. You'll feel super-confident knowing that you've got a 360° view on managing, responding to and resolving customer issues.