System Tray Application

Even more comprehensive customer support

System Tray Application

The system tray feature in conjunction with the RemoteManagement tool enables you to create your own branded system tray icon, providing a comprehensive set of menu options that allow your customers a quick and efficient means to communicate system problems back to you so that you can easily and quickly review the issue at hand.

Make things even easier for your customers

  • Provides the facility for clients to generate a screenshot of issues and to send it to your support team via an email attachment
  • Eliminates customer frustration – by simply clicking on the icon menu item customers can locate key contact information
  • Allows you to provide access to a number of web pages (defined by you), that can be used to view helpful information - or to access simple functions such as sending an email to support

Demonstrate your true value and increase your company profile

  • Place your company logo on every applicable device
  • Reduces support calls by providing easy access to information available via the system tray icon
  • Clients can also take a screenshot of their current screen(s) with the option to save it locally or save to a webpage of your choice and enabling them to log cases, upload files or initiate remote support sessions 
  • Now connects with ServiceDesk making it super-easy to submit support tickets direct from the feature