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MAX ServiceDesk
MAX ServiceDesk

MAX business benefits

Take control of support

You can do things the hard way or you can do them the MAX way

Super Streamlined Support & Customer Portals

Get on board quickly and easily

MAX ServiceDesk is all about giving you the tools to deliver a superior customer service and boost productivity. It’s fully hosted, providing you with a robust, super-streamlined support portal. There’s no local software to download, it’s installed instantly with just a few clicks and each installation has a dedicated URL and self-service customer area that can be fully branded for no added cost.


Clutter-free, intuitive dashboard

Simplify the way you do support

MAX ServiceDesk dashboard makes life really easy for your team, providing 360 visibility on support activities. The dashboard has a clutter-free interface that is simple to use and the streamlined workflow capabilities enables you to meet customer needs faster and inspire confidence in the quality of support service that you’re providing.

Seamless integration

A flexible approach- everything you need to run your business

If you’re an existing MAX RemoteManagement customer, you can leverage integration between MAX ServiceDesk and MAX RemoteManagement to auto-create tickets on device outages/ alerts giving you a seamless, all- encompassing RMM tool. You can also import all your devices, sites and clients to minimize the adoption overhead. MAX ServiceDesk can also integrate with QuickBooks, Take Control, Twitter amongst others and has the ability to export invoices providing the capability to export time and cost entries for customers to a branded PDF or CSV invoice template.


Robust, comprehensive support

Delivery across a range of sources

MAX ServiceDesk works smoothly across a range of sources, from the self-service front end to converting twitter messages to tickets and more. Your team will get a quick view on ticket queues so they can view where they are in the lifecycle, complete with the ability to manage assignments, status and categorization as easily and effortlessly as 1-2-3.


Field site visits

Better management around field work

Now you can more effectively plan and manage your field service activities from a single, centralized system using MAX ServiceDesk ‘Field site visits’ feature. This feature allows you to create visibility around your team’s activities out in the field by using location information, date and visit duration. Get a crystal-clear overview of staff site visits, scheduling and availability- and ditch the headaches of scheduling and planning multiple requirements and agent availability. Find out more about Field site visits.

Task management

Set up and effortlessly manage recurring tasks

With the Task Templates feature, recurring tasks for both your team and external contractors can be pre-defined, so you get to save time on creating and assigning these tasks. The result is easy task management, which means even greater productivity and efficiency. Find out more about Task management.

Centralize your conversations

Your customer support center, minus the stress

Managing your Ticket types

Customer communications just improved

With MAX ServiceDesk you are able to raise tickets through Email, Twitter, MAX Voice and RemoteManagement. Twitter integration means you can connect your existing Twitter account to MAX ServiceDesk and view any Tweets sent to your account. Convert a Tweet into a ticket and send the user a direct link to your self-service front-end. With MAX Voice you have the benefits of voice to ticket integration as well as SMS capabilities and more! Click here for more information on Voice. 

Ticket management

Assign, resolve, go home, relax

Managing support tickets with MAX ServiceDesk is a breeze, for instance, you can automatically create service desk tickets from your MAX RM alerts, route incoming emails as tickers to the right support staff, assign tasks to the relevant team members- and make use of the geo-location support ticketing functions. Even better, automated prioritization means better management of tickets and response times giving you full control.


Helping you track and invoice more efficiently

The time tracking capability in MAX ServiceDesk comes with a wide range of built in functions that enable you to perform a variety of activities against tickets. For example, set an ‘Organization rate’ to create custom time rates, track time spent on a ticket and log the minutes (or hours) you’re spending on it, giving you the opportunity to mark time as billable (or not).

Forge stronger relationships

The quickest path to good customer relations is better communication

Self-service knowledge base

Complete support 24/7

Whatever your customers throw at you, MAX ServiceDesk can handle it. Let your customers serve themselves in the way that suits them - via your website, Twitter or email. The self-service knowledge base contains rich article content with categorized tagging and keyword search which will help your customers to help themselves. The bottom line? They can search for help before they raise a ticket and there’s even a "staff library" feature.


Robust reporting

All the data you need, right there in front of you

ServiceDesk provides all kinds of reporting capabilities – so you know when a ticket came in, how long it was in the system, how it was solved and for what you need to bill. No more racking your brains when invoice quibbles arise - and no more wondering how long issues are taking to fix. There’s ticket volume reports, who tickets are assigned to, ticket status and response times (that means no more forgetting who's working on what and since when). You can also schedule your reports and brand them as your own, then export to a very nice looking, customized PDF complete with color graphs, tables and all kinds of interesting stuff.


ServiceDesk Voice

Build better relationships with your customers

ServiceDesk Voice allows you to quickly and easily set up a dedicated phone number for your company directly linking to your ServiceDesk installation. This provides you with 24/7 routing to your ServiceDesk and delivers the benefits of voice-to-ticket integration. Capabilities such as raising a new ticket directly from a voice call, the ability for customers to check the status of an existing ticket over the phone as well as allowing your customers to route calls directly to your team means an even more flexible and robust support offering. Find out more about ServiceDesk voice.

Make it yours

Beautifully simple support that fits right in with your way of doing things

ServiceDesk icon

Own-brand visibility

Branded as your own, across the board

Like all MAX products, you can brand ServiceDesk as your own. There’s a million good reasons to do this – not least because it demonstrates your value as a trusted MSP. Brand MAX as your support system which you use to deliver a great service. With everything from the tools used to deliver support, right through to the customer communications, your customers will see real evidence of how you do a better job.


ServiceDesk icon

Support on the move

Integrated support for your team - on the move

ServiceDesk is integrated with MAX Remote Management for device alerts - giving YOU a seamless, all-encompassing RMM tool. And because it's web-based it provides your team with the ability to solve customer problems from pretty much anywhere they’ve got a connection – on almost any device they’re using. The bottom line? Awesome customer service on the move.


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Supported by over 12,000 MSPs just like you

Our success is underpinned by over 12,000 customers with over half of them taking an active part in our LinkedIn community and just as many again contributing valuables insight across all of our many resources – and there are many. And with our ever-expanding global conference program that runs throughout the year, we’re reaching out and making connections in the real world too. You don’t need us to tell you the value of coming together to network, engage, share, advise and analyze.  It’s what makes our business work, and what will make yours work too.


Support icon


Here, there and everywhere

At MAX we’ve made it our mission not only to provide you with a great platform but to provide you with the support you need to make it work for you. Engage, collaborate and connect with us for support across a variety of methods - from Techwalks to our technical support forum, our dedicated scripts website to our program of webinars, we really do try to cover all bases. Not enough? What about our very own YouTube channel and wildly successful LinkedIn group, or our dedicated local phone support and support ticketing …or that infamous dashboard? However you need it, we make sure you’re supported all the way.