for MAX ServiceDesk

Fair pricing is a big deal to us.  We've worked in IT for a long time and like everyone who does, we hate bloatware, we don't like waste and most of all we really don't like being asked to pay for something that doesn't make a difference to our business.

When we were putting our pricing plan together for MAX ServiceDesk, we wanted to make it as close to something we'd be happy to work with if the tables were turned. That's why we offer one of the lowest total costs of ownership of any helpdesk system around.

Here’s how it works:

MAX ServiceDesk is priced affordably - with no hidden costs, no contracts that have you locked in for all eternity (or any length of time come to think of it), and no overhead or upgrade costs. And of course, you get the flexibility you've come to expect from our pricing on all MAX products.

You can signup for a 30-day FREE no obligation trial - and we'll talk you through the exact details of how the simple pricing structure works - and you get the advantage of getting a look at the full MAX ServiceDesk so you can see for yourself how easy it is to use.

What we can tell you is...

  • It's priced per 'staff seat' per month 

  • You get super-flexibility on your pricing structure and profit margins 

  • You get a risk-free trial plus month-to-month contracts with no lock-in

  • Like all MAX products, it's a 'cancel anytime' contract

  • And there's free 24x7 technical support by phone or by email

There's more...

  • No overhead for upgrades - we handle all of that for you

  • No long-term contracts – cancel any time and we stop billing you that same day

  • We bill you by invoice at the end of each month


If you want to find out the exact details then just sign up for a 30-day FREE no obligation trial and we'll talk you through  the simple pricing structure - and you get the advantage of getting a look at the ServiceDesk platform so you can see how easy it is to use.