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Tue, Jun 2, 2015 11 AM EDT | 4 PM BST

Service the growing demands of your customers' e-mail services - from one fully integrated RMM platform!

Allow your business to reach its maximum efficiency when offering email security, continuity, and/or archive, with the use of a fully integrated MSP platform.

Proactively manage your customer's mail issues with our system alerts policy before your customers have the chance to see them and provide customers with performance and availability across a wider range of IT environments.



  • How to educate your customers about security and the current threat landscape

    -physical, virtual and cloud

  • How to manage email security within a fully integrated RMM platform

  • How to offer management of MAX Mail, Google Apps and Office 365 cloud services

  • How to proactively manage your customer mail issues with our Service Alerts Policy

  • Q&A session




Tue, Jun 9, 2015 11 AM EDT | 4 PM BST

The Windows Server 2003 'End-of-Life' Problem- Are You Prepared?

With an estimated 22 million physical Windows 2003 Servers installed worldwide, and countless more virtual 2003 machines, the perfect cyberstorm is brewing with the inevitable demise of the server this July, 2015.

All is not lost. By adopting a strength in depth strategy that uses add-on technology, cloud-based security services, virtualization, filters, proxies and even firewall technology, the risk to your business – dependent on Server 2003 based services – could be significantly mitigated. Join us on this webinar where you'll learn all about:


  • The threat Windows 2003 servers pose to the MSP revenue stream

  • “Quick Wins” available to extend the life of the 2K3 server for a more orderly transition to a new OS or Cloud Service

  • The intent and methodology cyber criminals will use to target a 2K3 server


  • Introduction

  • Threat Landscape

  • Mitigation

  • Q&A Session



Thu, Jun 11, 2015 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM BST

Web Protection: The Third Musketeer defending your business

Often mistaken for d’Artagnan, the young, impulsive 4th Musketeer, Ian Trump, Security Lead at LogicNow, is set to examine Web Protection and how it helps in the fight against cyber criminals following in the footsteps of Cardinal Richelieu.

Make no mistake – criminals have come a considerable way since the 17th century, and the 21st century requires different security technologies to keep the foot soldiers of the Cyber Cardinal from claiming you as their next victim. Prone to outrageous remarks and controversy, Ian will help you understand the business case for - and multi-use capabilities of - Web Protection. Combining Web Protection, Patch Management and Managed Antivirus is an “all for one, one for all” solution to the complexities of using the Internet for business and play.

Join us for a fun take on Web Protection and learn:

  • the value Web Protection provides to protect end-points and servers

  • the detective and preventive functions of Web Protection

  • the type of threats Web Protection can prevent that Managed Antivirus and Patch Management could miss


  • 17th century threat landscape/20th century problems

  • Web Protection foils the bad guys

  • If your network can cyber bleed, the Bad Guys will cyber kill it

  • Protect the Queen!

  • Protect the country!

  • Q&A Session