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MAX Backup - Reactive Security & Roadmap

At some point, despite your best efforts at creating a thorough IT security policy, something bad WILL happen. Unfortunately you can never keep every threat out. You may even find yourself purchasing bitcoins to save your customer!

Join Sales Engineer Scott Shields who will take you through the following plus explore our Backup roadmap:

  • How to educate your customers about proper data security so they can operate their business in the face of threats
  • How backup plays an all-important role in delivering comprehensive, layered security
  • Hear what happened to businesses that were prepared and those that were unprepared in real life stories
  • How MAX Backup & Disaster Recovery guarantees business continuity in any disaster situation—whether it’s from malware, a faulty software update, or even a full-on doomsday scenario
  • Whether it is an act of nature, hardware failure, malicious act, or employee error, MAX Backup & Disaster Recovery acts as a solid last line of defence, allowing you to quickly recover to a safe state no matter what happened.

IT Security: Why One Layer of Defence Is Not Enough

As an IT professional you are partially or completely responsible for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the IT systems in your care. Learn how taking a ‘Layered Security’ approach can keep the cybercriminals at bay.

Join Sales Engineer Scott Shields who will share valuable information on:

  • The uncomfortable reality of cybercrime and its impact on SMBs
  • Why using Layered Security is crucial to ensure it doesn't happen to you
  • A short tour of the MAX Remote Management platform