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LOGICnow Community Webinar Series: State of the Market and Opportunities

Want to add 10% to your business tomorrow? Join us for this informative webinar hosted by LOGICnow’s team of experts. They will offer recent statistics about what's happening in your world, and where to find opportunities to expand your offerings. Learn how to maximize your business with our software solutions!

What you'll learn from this webinar:

  • Where to find opportunities that expand your business revenue immediately
  • Actionable current statistics about best practices and trends
  • Tour of MAX Remote Management, MAX Backup, MAX Service Desk and MAX Mail
Patch Management Webinar: Sometimes it only takes one device...

We're on a mission!

We want to make sure IT Pros understand just how critical it is to keep all of your devices up to date with the latest patches. Now ! In the fight against cyber crime, there are some very some basic things that you can do to significantly improve organisational security for your customers: - It starts with Patch Management – and the message is simple; patch applications and operating systems!

Join Ian Trump, LOGICnow Security Lead, and Colin Muir, Senior Sales Engineer as they walk you through everything you need to know about layered security and the role of patch management as part of your managed security offering.

  • Identify sales opportunities;
  • Provide better service;
  • Be more efficient
Security is more than Antivirus

During this webinar we'll look at some trending information and some new cyber security threats you need to be aware of. We'll also show you how a multi layered security approach can ensure that your systems and your clients' systems are protected.

Learn about Managed Online Backup - reliable, automatic & affordable offsite backup

Brand new features have been introduced to bring Managed Online Backup more in-line with LOGICnow's MAX Backup product in terms of recovery options. Learn more about these new features and how to use them.

MSP Profile: Our #MAXMY Project – A Year of Change

In many ways the technology involved is not important to the customer, it’s all about how their business will benefit. We pride ourselves on long standing relationships with clients, and becoming their trusted partner rather than just being another supplier.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • How MysonPages positions their offerings
  • What does your customer really want to hear?
  • How to use Partnership with Vendors to make you more successful

Hosted by: David Brereton, the Founder and Managing Director of MysonPages, who specialize in supporting SMEs. Originally set up in 1999 as a consultancy to work with large blue chip clients such as BNFL, AXA and The Co-operative we found small businesses provided a more rewarding, loyal and fulfilling opportunity. "We became a Managed Service Provider long before the phrase was coined, and we’ve been doing it ever since."

MAX Backup Training Academy

Learn how to operate and manage MAX Backup. We'll cover the basics behind setting up MAX Backup, the technologies behind it and how to get the best out of this product for your business and for your customers.

MAX Service Desk - Put security to work for you!

Your Service Desk needs to go farther. You need an IT services management platform you can rely on. And you need a layered security defense strategy built in.

MAX Service Desk delivers sophisticated tracking and measurement tools that puts superior customer service at your fingertips while boosting productivity. And when you combine it with MAX Remote Management, you’ve got a fully integrated, easy-to-use RMM dashboard to monitor and manage all of your IT services.

Build trends that can predict and prevent security issues. Use your own tracking and history to make it easier to eliminate further breaches and ensure priority of response. Put the power of layered security to work for you.

Join LOGICnow's Ian Trump, Security Lead, and Jeff Hardee, Sales Engineer, as they talk you through the benefits of implementing MAX Service Desk with your MAX RM platform.

How I use LOGICcards to assist with business processes – By LOGICnow partner, Chris Motton

During this webinar LOGICnow partner, Chris Motton (Director of Advance Computing), will show you how he has been using LOGICcards to assist with his business processes. Discover some beneficial tips on how LOGICcards can improve the way you use MAX RemoteManagement.