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Tuesday, December 1, 2015 11 AM EST | 4 PM GMT

How to automate your marketing to close more sales

Marketing your IT company just got a lot easier. LOGICnow has partnered with award-winning MSP marketing tool, Presstacular, so you can generate more leads and close more sales. Presstacular's new LOGICnow edition contains a rich library of articles written by LOGICnow plus automation features to do your newsletters, alerts and blogs. Live reports will help you identify your hottest opportunities. 

Learn how Presstacular's LOGICnow edition works and the best ways to use it to grow your business. 

Join us and learn how to: 

  • Create your email newsletter and blog instantly - even automatically - using pre-written LOGICnow articles 

  • Send security alerts, special announcements and other marketing messages to your contacts 

  • Convert web site visitors into qualified leads 

  • See reports that identify your best prospects 


Bonus: Attendees will get a free copy of the guide, "The 12-Month IT Services Marketing Plan Template," a complete month-by-month marketing action plan that you can edit to create a customized plan for your business. 

About Presstacular with LOGICnow Content: 

Presstacular allows you to create your IT blogs, email newsletters, and alerts instantly using a library of pre-written articles, including content written by LogicNow specifically for partners. Live reports show you who is reading, clicking, and ready for a sales call. It's like having a marketing department with experienced IT writers on staff. Try it risk-free! Request a demo: Presstacular.com - ask about special LOGICnow pricing. 






Thursday, December 3, 2015 11 AM EST | 4 PM GMT

Drive business success with the new features from MAX ServiceDesk

Improve customer experience and enhance your operational processes across all areas with full support service management and delivery, anytime, anywhere. 

Join us for this webinar with LOGICnow's Sales Engineer Jeff Hardee, as he introduces MAX ServiceDesk's new features to help your business succeed. We will help you get started with MAX ServiceDesk and walk you through the new v2.5 update so you can deliver superior customer service using new capabilities from MAX ServiceDesk. 


  • Rate Cards & Billing 

  • Contracts 

  • ServiceDesk voice 

  • 2.5 walk through: introducing new reporting, asset management and search option





Tuesday, December 8, 2015 11 AM EST | 4PM GMT

MAXfocus Automated Tasks: new functionality and presence!

Join us for a webinar on one of the original MAX features and the exciting new changes we’ve made to it to make it more agile. Automated tasks have always been “Scheduled Tasks on Steroids” but now we’ve made dissemination even easier. Instead of being confined to a single location, now tasks can be rolled out in the same manner as monitoring checks! 


  • What changes have occurred? 

  • How are they saved and organized? 

  • How can I standardize? 

  • What flexibility does this provide? 

  • On-boarding methods, other Best Recommendations 

  • Q&A






 Wednesday, December 9, 2015 10:30 AM AEST

Choosing the right backup - 5 questions to ask yourself

In just one hour, Paul Williams will show you how to operate and manage MAX Backup. We'll cover the basics behind setting up MAX Backup, the technologies behind it and how to get the best out of this product for your business and for your customers. 


  • What data are you backing up? 

  • What are the threats? 

  • How important is speed? 

  • Where do you want to secure your data? 

  • Where do you want to recover your data to? 





Thursday, December 10, 2015 1:30 PM AEST

NEW RemoteManagement feature: Active Discovery

Active Discovery is a new feature of MAX RemoteManagement for 2015. It scans the local subnet of the network where an Agent resides and discovers details of all the connected devices. 


  • How it works? Part of the base deployment, a new Active Discovery Agent is deployed and reports basic information about the network to the Dashboard. 

  • What does it get? After configuration for management, the Discovery Agent utilises a variety of protocols and custom credentials to scan the network and find out as much information as possible about devices present. 

  • Why use it? Gather information about devices within a network that do not have (or cannot have) a MAX agent installed. Expand your reach into network devices, new and/or unknown devices that should have monitoring agents installed, and shine a light on foreign and possibly malicious devices. 

  • Build reports for customers and keep a history of what is and what was at a client site. 

  • Q&A session  






Tuesday, December 15, 2015 11AM EST | 4PM GMT

MSP Experts: Build your own profitable SaaS business leveraging Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

The technology landscape is changing at more rapid pace than ever before. If a technology services company is going to be successful today, they need to understand how they are going to market with the cloud. This session will clear up the confusion around the cloud marketplace and help service providers build their own profitable cloud practice by taking control of their client’s third party applications! 

What will you learn: 

  • Better understand where the market is going and how to combat all the competitive pressures 

  • How to build a profitable and comprehensive cloud strategy by controlling your client’s 3rd party business applications 

  • How to price and present your cloud offering to the right targets 

  • Leverage the new “analytics as a service” movement to add more value to client relationships 






Thursday, December 17, 2015 1PM EST

3 things you need to know about selling Managed Security

We all know that creating a business around the MSP model is not a simple task and now we are adding Managed Security to the mix. In this session, we will describe the 3 things you need to know about selling Managed Security. We will share some best practices, state of the market (including research and surveys), industry future vision and how LogicNow customers use our MAX solutions to be successful.