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Boost your productivity with ServiceDesk 2.2

No more frustrated customers, no more stressed support staff. It's time to change your model for helpdesk support - the old way of doing things that needs substantial investment, never-ending and expensive upkeep and ongoing investment in support staff is no longer relevant. It's time to improve the customer experience and enhance your operational processes across all areas with full support service management and delivery - anytime, anywhere.

Join us for this webinar in which we discuss how to deliver a superior customer service using new capabilities from MAX ServiceDesk.


  • Get started with MAX ServiceDesk

  • Learn about new features in ServiceDesk to improve your business control

  • Setting up customers with an easy to access portal

  • Establish appropriate queues and SLAs to deal with customer issues timely and effectively

  • Exporting and Reporting of data

  • Q&A session




What Monitoring Templates can do to help you grow your business

Learn how to offer consistent monitoring across your customer base in line with operational needs and service offerings. Monitoring templates allow easy allocation of OS / role specific checks and network monitoring to single or multiple devices in just a few clicks. Utilise current device monitoring that have been proven successful to roll out across similar customer devices.


  • Applying Monitoring Templates as devices are installed into dashboard

  • Rediscover, apply and layer templates of checks to devices

  • Consistency of monitoring across all customer devices

  • A look into new user/groups

  • Q&A session




Everything You Need to Know to Sell Managed Security and Compliance

Join us on this Webinar when Steve Rutkovitz, CEO of Choice Technologies, will reveal their secrets for success as an MSSP.  Utilizing their trademarked “Assess. Address. Maintain.” , Choice demonstrates the business value from offering Security as a Service so you can expect to learn how selling Security as a Service is similar, but has many differences, to selling IT managed services.


  • Introductions

  • History of Choice Technologies

  • Selling Security As A Service (SAAS)

  • SAAS vs. Tradition IT Managed Services

  • Questions and Answers