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What Monitoring Templates can do to help you grow your business

Learn how to offer consistent monitoring across your customer base so that you're aligned with operational needs and service offerings. Monitoring Templates allows easy allocation of OS / role-specific checks and network monitoring to either single or multiple devices - in just a few clicks. Join us on this webinar to find out how to make the most of Monitoring Templates.


  • Applying Monitoring Templates as devices are installed into dashboard

  • Rediscover, apply and layer templates of checks to devices

  • Consistency of monitoring across all customer devices

  • A look into new user/groups

  • Q&A session




MAX Backup: Are you testing your restores?

Ever wish you had the confidence to erase everything on your hard drive right now and restore it from your backups? If you wouldn’t be comfortable doing that, why not? 

If after reading the above you are feeling pretty guilty about not testing your backups often enough, you’re not alone. 

The problem we foresee is that lots of MSPs are not prioritising highly enough the testing of their clients restores – which is the most important part! Don’t wait until the ‘moment of truth’ to see if your backup will come through for you. Testing of backups is no longer labour-intensive or particularly time consuming so there is no excuse. 

You need to ask yourself questions like: 

  • What are all the things that could potentially go wrong with my backup? 

  • What is the worst case and most costly scenario for my client? 

  • How can I consistently maintain the right backup habits? 

  • How much of a ‘value add’ is testing my customers backups? 


If you’re ready to become proactive instead of reactive then we’ll be addressing these very questions during this webinar. Join us – and we’ll share with you all the tips and strategies that we know work and we’ll make sure that you have instilled confidence when it comes to performing a restore in every scenario. 

Don’t forget to get your questions down beforehand so that you’re ready for the Q&A session.




Bullet-proofing Office 365 with MAX Mail

More and more of your customers may be using or considering Office 365.  Microsoft’s cloud services are convenient and often cost-effective, but your customers may still be just as vulnerable to certain threats.  Join us for a live demo of MAX Mail and a discussion on how to mitigate security risks, deploy a “defense in depth” strategy and learn about the C.I.A. triangle: 

  • Confidentiality: security features protect corporate data from email-borne threats

  • Integrity: archiving capabilities ensure a tamper-proof copy of important communications

  • Availability: end users can continue to respond to email even when the primary infrastructure is offline   

MAX Mail provides an extra line of defense, bullet-proofing your customers against cyber attacks – don’t miss this opportunity to learn more.