Focusing your managed services business on cybersecurity creates several opportunities to increase margins; most significantly, by implementing layers of security at client sites you can reduce costly security-related issues.

In this whitepaper we highlight the reasons why an effective cyberdefense strategy should involve multiple layers of technology and detail why customer disruption is a revenue killer in world of the managed service provider (MSP).

One of biggest killers for small and growing MSPs is lack of business process, which can ultimately lead to a lack of cashflow. If you want to scale your business you need to have systems in place to help you manage this. That’s where having a service desk system comes in.

In this White paper, Eric Anthony and Richard Tubb set out the business case for using a service desk. This includes taking an in-depth look at a number of key components or processes that any system must perform efficiently in order to ensure that the processes you, the business owner or manager, have put in place achieve your definition of success with your MSP business.

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing, with new threats emerging every day. No business can afford to operate without an email security strategy. This free security guide looks at email security for mid-sized businesses, the solutions available and what features they can’t do without. Read and protect!

Our annual health check of the global IT support market looks at the relationships between IT Service Providers and IT departments and asks, are the two sides working together in harmony, or in a state of Discord?

Based on the views of over 1,300 IT departments and almost 700 IT Service Providers, this report delivers the data and vital insights that will help every IT Service Provider to focus on improving sales figures, growing their portfolio and ensuring their service matches customer expectations. 

Overlook at your peril!

Email is baked into the DNA of modern business. Despite the rise of alternative channels such as social media, it continues to grow in importance for companies.

For this reason it’s still the most common vector for cyber attacks, and for Office 365 users, having an extra layer of defense in place has never been more important.  This whitepaper will tell you why.