Why MAX?

"We chose MAX because it has everything we need to run our IT business more efficiently, as well as providing our customers with what they need."

Nicholas Ender, Ender Computers
Why MAX?

We’re working on your future way before you need it 

To be successful in managed services you need a partner that not only has a strong vision for the future but also the ability to deliver it. Our vision is borne out of the collective experience and wisdom of our global community of MSPs. It powers our thinking about products and services, and helps us align what we’re delivering with your needs. We have seen the future of managed services and we want to take that journey with you.

A platform that powers your growth

Our comprehensive and proven platform enables you to fix your customers’ IT problems before they even know about them. The powerful web-based dashboard includes Remote Monitoring, Backup, Mail Security and ServiceDesk capabilities – either integrated or standalone – enabling you to monitor and protect your customers technology and data assets on premise and on the move….and to scale as your business needs change. Offer your clients the best and know that you can deliver it with MAXfocus.

The power of more than 12,000 businesses

This is at the heart of everything we do. Our community is now the largest community of MSPs in the world - 12,000+ and still growing. A community of businesses just like yours that trust us to power their growth through networking, sharing ideas and experiences. More than 12,000 of us – all on the same journey. And we listen, we learn and build your ideas into our plans for the future.

People are the driving force in our business

At MAX our people are your people, so if we’re one step ahead then you are too. The same things that keep you awake at night – they keep us on our toes too. We believe passionately in our team and we expose them to the real world: your world. Your experience and needs inform everything they do and ensures the their task is fairly clearly defined. The bottom line? To make your life simpler and to make your customer offering more compelling.

Free yourself up to focus on building your business

With MAX, knowing your systems are under control means you can focus on higher value activity – like finding new customers, growing your business and growing your revenues. We don’t just provide software and leave the rest up to you. For us it’s firmly about partnership -  we only grow if you do. So we do all we can to  provide the business blueprint for growth and support you need – including great webinars on business and technical topics, a full set of sales and marketing materials and the local support you need.