"Make better decisions with the power of collective intelligence".


Prescriptive analytics

LOGICcards is the world’s first RMM notification system to be driven by machine learning. It is specifically designed to give MSPs and IT service providers a powerful competitive advantage.

LOGICcards’ unique combination of data-driven insight, and prescriptive analytics – based on collective intelligence and machine learning – is transforming the way Managed Services are delivered.

Choose data intelligence

By combining the experience of the world’s largest community of MSPs – over 12,000 across the globe – LOGICcards is embedding Big Data analytics at the heart of each and every one of our customers’ businesses.

Delivering real-time, actionable insights not only allows our customers to optimize the services they provide, but also to proactively capitalise on all available revenue opportunities as they arise.

Available in your dashboard

LOGICcards is available directly from inside your existing MAX RemoteManagement dashboard.

LOGICcards is also available as an Android app, as well as an associated Chrome browser extension. An iOS App is in development.

How LOGICcards will help your business

LOGICcards will enable you to quickly identify missing features, highlight security issues, and spot opportunities for system upgrades, as well as help you ensure your clients meet compliance requirements such as PCI and HIPAA.

All this information is automatically generated for you. Importantly, you will only receive the messages that you deem important, as LOGICcards learns with you and filters out the alerts you ignore.

Get started now

You can leverage the power of LOGICcards in your MSP business right now. Existing MAX RemoteManagement customers can simply enter their details here and be up and running in minutes.

Not a customer? Simply sign up for a free 30-day trial of MAX RemoteManagement and activate LOGICcards once your trial is active.